Battlefield 4 - How to unlock the Shank, Machete, M412 REX, P90, M249, QBZ-95-1 in BF4 Multiplayer

Battlefield 4 BF4 multiplayer has 6 weapons you can unlock by playing the Battlefield 4 single player campaign: the Shank, Machete, M412 REX, P90, M249, and QBZ-95-1.
You can play the Battlefield 4 BF4 single player campaign on ANY difficulty to unlock these weapons. And you can replay the final mission 3 times to unlock the 3 multiplayer class specific weapons, instead of replaying the entire BF4 campaign.

M412 REX - Complete the first mission Baku
Shank - Complete mission 5 Kunlun Mountains
Machete - Complete mission 6 Tashgar
P90 - Sacrifice Hannah
M249 - Sacrifice Irish
QBZ-95-1 - Sacrifice neither

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Uploaded in Gaming at 2013-11-01 13:47